Intuition - do you know how to listen to yours?

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Intuition is an incredibly accurate tool. Don't be afraid to listen to it!

A lot of people come to me and talk about hindsight in our counselling sessions. You know, people who say things like "I just KNEW things weren't right, and I wish I’d listened" - that sort of thing. Turns out their intuition was speaking to them, and yet they felt silly, or embarrassed, or rude - whatever it was. Basically, they had a feeling that they ended up ignoring and something happened that resulted in them coming and saying to me 'I should have known better!' or “I wish I had of listened!”

Small Trigger warning here (talking about being mugged) *** 

I remember once, back when I was in my early 20’s, I was mugged getting the payroll (my family may roll their eyes here - they’ve heard this story before!). The funny thing was, I just KNEW something was wrong. There were no outward signs, nothing unusual in the vicinity. My gut just spoke to me, and I was worried, but I thought I was being silly, and I ignored my inner voice. When I left the bank, I saw a man sitting on a seat. There were often people sitting on that seat. That day though, I just felt very aware of him (uncomfortably aware). Not only did he end up mugging me and taking the money, afterwards (and even now), all I can say is, I KNEW!!!

I have (unfortunately) several stories of times where my intuition was speaking with me, but I didn’t listen and regretted it later. Even times when before I left home I thought “I should take…. jumper/phone charger/extra chair, etc” with me, thought “no, that’s silly”, and later thought, I KNEW I was supposed to take that!

Now here is where it’s important to recognise where we are just being super worried about whether we should listen to every niggle, worry and thought that we have, and/or if we are just being overzealous in our packing, or if it’s our intuition speaking (also please note that developing a good sense of our own intuition can sometimes take time and practice to recognise). Intuition is different to worry/anxiety or obsessing. It’s a small, quiet voice, a feeling, knowledge, and insight. It comes and goes quietly, it doesn’t create a huge wave of anxiety (generally speaking).

It’s also important to note that some people are born with finely tuned intuition, and they don’t have to work hard to recognise it. That’s ok. For some people intuition comes easily, for others it’s hit and miss, and for some, well… nada, nothing, zip, zilch at all.

The good thing is, everyone can work on developing their intuition and learn how to recognise and listen to it.

Our bodies are finely tuned, and our intuition can be turned up with regular mindfulness practices quite easily, and it's one of the best/easiest ways to do it, in my experience.

Being around others who recognise their intuition and talk about it is also helpful, as it encourages you to be open about it, compare practices, learn new methods and learn to believe in/trust yourself, and your own inner guidance system.

But practice is the main key. Practice. Learn from trial and error. Get to know yourself. Maybe you could even think about/remember/talk about/ or write down all the times in the past when you thought/felt/experienced an inner knowledge and it turned out to be true (whether you listened or not). You know, maybe you met someone you instantly didn’t trust, and it turned out to be right, etc.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it here today. Let me know what your thoughts are on reading this, and if this has ever happened to you? Maybe you might also like to start working on building your awareness, and see what unfolds for you!

Julie x


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