Top 12 Summer Self-Care Tips

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This article on 12 self-care tips is pretty awesome, so I just had to share. If you feel like it, go and read it (it's a good article), and then try to take 2 mins to think about which one (if not all) of these tips you think you might take on board. Here is MY take on THEIR  TOP 12...

(NOTE: For myself, stress can be a major contributor to the decline of my mental health, and I actually try and implement each one of the tips mentioned in the article):

1. Establish a morning self-care routine
For me this looks like stretching, gentle yoga, my cup of tea with honey and a drop of orange oil (YUM btw!), shower & get dressed, do my hair, etc. If I don't do these things, I can find I lack the motivation to leave the house, and I don't feel like seeing anyone.

2. Reward yourself
My favourite reward is a movie night with my best friend, usually, we have sushi beforehand, and some chocolate or something in the movie. Best life :)

3. Speak with a therapist
Ummm hello!!! Come and see ME!!!??? Oh, but for myself, I see my therapist when I need to as well...

4. Schedule days off
Imperative!!!! If I don't have at least one afternoon to chill, read &/or have a nap (NO HOUSEWORK, SHOPPING or SOCIALISING), at least once or twice a month, I'm over-wired!!!

5. Automate what you can
Online booking system. I want online forms too, but one thing at a time! Next, I would like to order automated children please (self-feeding would be cool).

6. Get plenty of sleep
I WAS NOT getting enough sleep! I've had insomnia since I was a kid (on and off, but way too regularly). I've finally cracked that one, and I'm a different person on a good nights sleep. Hmmm, another blog idea? Oh, yeah - I've already done one! Maybe I'll do another one, on my new routine?

7. Reflect on the three best things that happened today
Gratitude. Sweet Gratitude. So important, even recent research says so, and so does my Nan. Being able to reframe your life in any way possible is essential. We don't need to live in la-la-land, but not being able to find anything good leads down a fast track to depression and self-pity. Here are my three for today (my car, my shower, my bed). Simples.

8. Use positive language and self-talk
Ooooohhhh. Positive language and self-talk is too long a post, good thought for another day, hey? Paying attention to your language and self-talk is more important (even neurologically) than you think. It's not just hippy-dippy, it's science. Watch this space!

9. Make time for family and friends
Yep. Even when you don't want to. Unless they're toxic. Go for a good balance in all life areas, and you're good to go (share evenly between fun, friends, family, work, health, soul food, etc). Oh, I like all the ideas for future blog posts I'm coming up with here!

10. Do something creative
When you're down it can be hard to be creative. But being creative is sooooo important. If you can't make it, fake it. If you can't make music, listen to it. If you can't write, read a book, watch a movie, paint a picture, get colour by numbers, gardening, walk in the garden, get the idea?

11. Crush simple tasks first
Hmmm. Sometimes yes I agree with this, sometimes no. Depends where you're at, but doing something imperfectly vs doing nothing perfectly is always a winner. At least you're moving forward!

12. Pace yourself and set realistic goals
Says it all. Good work! :)

Now go and enjoy your summer (and if you're not, book in to chat with me, and at least make a start of moving forward) x 


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