The Importance of Connection

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 I'm so glad for people.

Strange comment from me really, because sometimes it's really hard to want to be around others - I think if I was given a self-sustaining cave I would probably stay holed up forever!

I woke up this morning feeling really fragile. I had a major migraine yesterday, and today although there was no pain I still felt like my tongue was a bit thick and not all the words were back in my head.

I didn't feel like loud sounds or moving fast, however, I had a coffee date lined up with a dear new friend of mine (an older lady whose wisdom and openness I completely love - we met through volunteering a few years ago, and even though we are both not there anymore we still occasionally catch up).

I almost didn't go. Not because I didn't want to see her, but because of how fragile I still felt, and I didn't know if I was up for it. however, this coffee date was already postponed from last week, and I knew that next week was already picking up on the busy scale, so I thought - OMG! Just Do It!!

So anyway,  I prepared for a quiet chat and not much else. I warned her I was still a bit out of it and we sat down and started chatting. You know, about life, politics, family, school - everything! Did I tell you I really enjoy chatting with this lady? Well, I do!

Anyhoo, the time came and I had to get back for a meeting call with my super-duper lovely business partner. We needed to chat about our direction next week and a few other super important issues. As per usual, we also chatted about other stuff (not just work stuff) and 2 hours later we finally finished (she had to pick up her child! We can really talk between the two of us)!

Well, I'm inspired again. I feel lifted and although not ready to do any heavy thinking yet, I definitely feel like a different person. It reminds me that connecting with others can really make a difference to my day, how I feel, what I accomplish, why I want to accomplish, how I'm going to go about it - everything.

I'm so glad I'm not a hermit when people can make such a beautiful difference to my life. Pushing myself to be with the right people is so important. Neither of these two feels like a drain on my life. Ever. It's just communicating, sharing, talking, connecting. That's all.

I also love my friends who make me laugh. Or make me feel supported. I'm proud to say of got lots of these types in my life too... I really am grateful.

If I allow my hermit side to take over I really miss out on that natural high that comes from being around others and I'm really glad I push myself when I need to!

I've talked about something similar before - vlogging I believe they call it (i did a little youtube) - you can see it here if you like.., about sharing something that was really bringing me down.

We need other people. We really do. The important thing is knowing who is good for us and who is not!..

Down days are really important parts of our lives, they help us to process and also appreciate the good days! But it's not necessary to stay down. We can live better lives. We can lift ourselves in lots of ways - journalling, walk on the beach (or in nature anywhere), music, a cuddle, a funny or inspiring movie, a good friend.

The more I surround myself with people I love spending time with, the easier it gets to live a life that is inspiring. The message here I guess is knowing who lifts you and who doesn't and when you're down, force yourself to do something you know you normally enjoy and watch those endorphins rise!

NOTE (message to self): if you happen to do the things you normally love and you don't feel better, don't stop reaching out (or looking after yourself). Practice self-compassion, self-care and allow yourself some nurturing and keep on testing the waters bit by bit. Human beings need connection and love to thrive.

Love Jules x 

 Remember: good mental and physical health is a holistic thing 


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